We’re getting behind women who are committed to fighting for social justice and economic equality in New York City - women who will stand to protect our right to choose, to end cash bail and broken-windows policing, and to keep ICE out of our courts and out of our communities. Our candidates will know that affordable housing and healthcare are human rights, and will fight to repeal laws such as the Urstadt law and to move towards a single-payer health system. Our candidates are committed to ending voter suppression and disenfranchisement, as they stand to represent the interests of every person living in their communities.



  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose, and passing the Reproductive Health Act in New York State

  • Implementing a single-payer healthcare system in New York State

  • Legalizing marijuana

  • Abolishing ICE

  • Repealing the Urstadt Law to give New York full control over its rent regulation

  • Identifying and eliminating fake crisis pregnancy centers

  • Ending cash bail and expanding pretrial release programs

  • Ensuring safe, affordable and subsidized childcare for all New Yorkers

  • Decriminalizing sex work

  • Increasing transparency of NYPD’s use of gang databases

  • Passing the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act

  • Ending over-policing and surveillance of Muslim communities

  • Expanding equal rights and treatment for transgender individuals, including culturally competent government services

  • Reforming law enforcement and police tactics to move towards a community policing model

  • Passing GreenLight NY to allow driver’s licenses for all

  • Encouraging greater city-wide accessibility for individuals with disabilities

  • Requiring all developers to set aside a percentage of developments for affordable housing

  • Introducing early voting, same-day voter registration, and automatic voter registration in New York