Amplify Her is a New York City-wide organization created to directly address women’s shocking underrepresentation in the City’s elected offices. With an increased and engaged voter base, passionate volunteers, and community-sourced donations, we will power progressive women candidates’ campaigns to win primaries in the next election cycle and ultimately amplify women’s voices so our values and diversity are represented across NYC.



Marti Speranza

Marti's passion for women’s empowerment traces back to college, when she led the campus chapter of N.O.W.  After working in tech and starting a small business, Marti felt inspired to transition to public service. She most recently served as Director of Women Entrepreneurs (WE) NYC. Marti was elected as a Democratic State Committeewoman, appointed to Community Board 5 and served as President of a Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats. In 2017, she ran for City Council and experienced firsthand the unique challenges women face when running for office in NYC. Marti studied Economics and Political Science at Penn and earned her MBA from Harvard. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Rod, and 1-year-old twins Gia and Leo.

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Ashmi Sheth

Ashmi is a proud first generation American who’s on a mission to identify new ways to empower people of color. She has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Bipartisan Policy Center, where she wrote about small business, nominations and financial regulation. Now studying urban and financial policy at Columbia University, she’s examining the bridges between policy and finance. Ashmi’s a graduate of the University of Maryland and developed financial policies for state and local campaigns while living there. A big TRX and CrossFit fan, she’s also volunteered as an extended day teacher and always finds time to tutor and provide professional development support to communities in need.


Alana Sivin
Director of Policy

Alana is a fervent advocate for social and racial justice. After spending nearly four years defending indigent New Yorkers as a public defender in Manhattan, Alana is focused on changing the broader landscape and reforming our institutions to better represent the needs of women and people of color. She has worked with the Brooklyn Chapter of the NAACP and Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats, and has also volunteered on Marti Speranza’s campaign for City Council. Alana studied Political Science and Education at Columbia University and earned her law degree from Brooklyn Law School. A proud Puerto Rican, Alana can't resist dancing to salsa music and never missed an episode of Jane the Virgin. She's into exploring vegan restaurants, too.


Tania Arrayales
Director of Engagement

A proud Latina and Mexican immigrant, Tania has been involved in political advocacy since childhood. Growing undocumented in America until age 18 showed her the immense shortcomings of our political establishment and the flaws in our legal system. For her, becoming an activist was necessary to create change. As a sustainable fashion influencer (@sustainablystylish), as well as member of the Activist Council at Planned Parenthood and UNICEF, Tania uses her voice and platform to promote sustainable lifestyles and elevate issues for women and people of color. Most recently, she dove into local politics and served as Chief of Staff for Suraj Patel’s congressional campaign. She used her background in marketing to help build a new and different political campaign that was powered by and designed to engage a new electorate of voters. Tania currently lives in the West Village with her pup Ms. Marley Sue and spends her free time discovering new thrift stores across New York City.


Jen Hoppe
Director of Communications

Jennifer is a writer who once begged her way into a mall job at The Body Shop just because she liked the company's activism. While studying Journalism/Mass Communication and Women’s Studies at St. Bonaventure University, Jen brought the AIDS Quilt to campus—and developed a bona-fied obsession with college basketball. In 2008, two game-changing Democratic candidates ignited a political fire within her. Since then, Jen has knocked thousands of doors in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, called voters in districts all across the country and became active in two Democratic Clubs, Village Independent Democrats and Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats. She's also been elected as a Judicial Delegate and is mom to the former president of Hares4Hillary.


Anika Michel

Anika is a human rights professional who is passionate about women’s empowerment and public policy. She has interned at UN Women, where she learned the importance of donor intelligence in global advocacy efforts toward gender equality. She has also worked in the Communications Department of the ACLU, where she established a performance metrics report that provided a baseline to consistently measure membership outreach. Anika studied English Literature and Spanish at Binghamton University and earned her Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia SIPA. She also attended the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, where she studied Spanish culture and literature—and discovered her love of paella. She’s into learning languages and is even trilingual: Speak to her in English, Spanish or French.


Sapna Moudgil-Shah
Borough Director, Manhattan

Sapna grew up in Michigan and earned a B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Michigan before moving to Chicago, Los Angeles, and finally New York City, which she considers her true home. After the 2016 Presidential election, Sapna was determined to apply her creative skills towards political awareness and pivoted her jewelry business, ActivatedNYC, to focus on activism and feminist issues. As Sapna became more involved with politics, she decided to expand her impact by transitioning to a career in politics and is now enrolled at Fordham University in NYC for an M.A. in Elections and Campaign Management. She plans to use her M.A. degree, and her 20 years of professional experience in leading large-scale projects and teams, to aggressively promote progressive female political candidates and advance women's rights issues in New York and across the country.


Sara Lind
Borough Director, Manhattan

Sara has been committed to public service since her first act of political rebellion: bringing volunteer-led, real-talk sex-ed to her small-town conservative high school. Sara serves on Community Board 7 and is active on the UWS. She’s a community organizer and has rallied her neighbors to such diverse causes as lobbying in Albany for expanded voting rights and running a local marketing campaign to encourage reusable bags instead of plastic. She’s worked on campaigns from the very federal – Hillary – down to City Council, and everything in between (from door knocking for Doug Jones in Alabama and Shelley Mayer in New York, to managing a state Assembly race in Wisconsin). Sara did her undergrad in Economics and Political Science, has a law degree from University of Chicago, and recently went back to school to get a Masters in Public Policy from Columbia SIPA because she didn’t feel she had quite enough student loan debt. She lives on the UWS with her husband, two kids, four foster kittens [at any given time] and two hamsters.


Shari Francis
Borough Director, Brooklyn

An immigrant from Canada, Shari came to the US to pursue her studies in Theatre and Art at Ohio Wesleyan University. She continued her studies at Pratt Institute to achieve her masters in Interior Design. During her studies, she was inspired by the Obama administration and their work towards betterment of everyone and decided to become an American citizen and call Brooklyn her home. In the time she has been a Brooklynite, she has created her own Interior Design Studio to assist and teach developers how to strategically design for a neighborhood’s demographic and architectural significance. After experiencing the effects of new government and local policies, Shari realized that she needed to assist in whatever way she can and is now excited to be surrounded by like minded people to help effect positive change in her community, New York and beyond.


Rebecca Nieves
Borough Director, Bronx

Life-long Bronxite and proud Hufflepuff, Rebecca graduated from CUNY John Jay College with a Bachelors in Political Science. Right out of school, she jumped on as Field Director for an insurgent City Council campaign in the Bronx and she's been hooked on organizing and getting progressives into office ever since. When Rebecca isn’t fighting against machine politics, you can find her re-reading Harry Potter, listening to a podcast, or playing The Sims.


Gwen Robinson
Borough Director, Staten Island

Gwen became a community activist when the apartment building that she lived in was abandoned by the landlord. A neighborhood organization taught Gwen how to organize tenants and get legal help.  Gwen successfully spearheaded a community outreach program and under her leadership she fundraised to secure over two thousand pounds of food for City Harvest, adopted an elementary school to provide supplies and raised money for Autism Speaks.  Gwen is the mom of three amazing daughters, one who ran for office in 2018. In her spare time, Gwen loves to cook, read, knit and crochet.

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Angela Sherpa
Borough Director, Queens

A Queens-native and active organizer, Angela has worked with various local non-profit groups focusing on domestic workers and immigrant rights. In 2018 she worked on Suraj Patel’s congressional campaign in NY-12 and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign in NY-14. Currently, Angela serves as a grant writer and mentor for a program that focuses on providing career development opportunities for first generation and undocumented students. Angela holds a B.A. in Political Science from Brooklyn College, and is passionate about bolstering civic engagement in underrepresented communities and youth empowerment. After studying youth activity in dissident movements at Charles University in Prague, Angela has been hooked on finding ways to disrupt unjust political systems. She can usually be found trying (and failing) to kick her coffee habit and stressfully scrolling through Twitter. 


Rae Wilson
Borough Director, Brooklyn

Rae Wilson, a California native, has resided in New York since 2001. As a professional performance artist and arts educator, Rae has used her craft to help NYC youth develop skills in both public speaking, analytical thinking, community building, and self empowerment. Through AmplifyHer, Rae hopes to encourage the next generation of voters and politicians to be vocal within their community.


Megan Douglas
Borough Director, Queens

A native of California, Megan has lived in five states and is proud to now call Queens her permanent home. Megan attended community college in Portland, Oregon, and transferred to Smith College at the age of 24 where she obtained a degree in economics. While putting herself through college she directly benefited from many social programs, and has experienced firsthand the pivotal role such programs can play in a person’s success. But she also believes that we need to work harder and commit ourselves, as a city and a nation, to achieving economic and social justice for all. Megan is committed to an intersectional and supportive approach to her activism. She has been involved in environmental and feminist activism for approximately twenty years, has dedicated her professional life to advancing such causes. She lives in Sunnyside with her husband, a public school special education teacher, and two fierce rescue cats. Megan is currently studying Spanish and will enthusiastically attempt to discuss politics, makeup, whiskey, or The Good Place with anyone who has the patience. 


Gloria Bui

Gloria graduated from Davidson College, where she majored in History. She has worked on City Council and State Assembly campaigns as well as Hillary for America. As a member of Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats, she held the role of Outreach Chair and promoted new membership in the age of Trump. Gloria is also an elected member of Manhattan’s County Committee. Outside of politics and her day job at a global organizational consulting firm, she’s always down to clown at improv class. Growing up in the 90’s, Gloria wanted to be named Britney, after the great Ms. Spears, but now realizes how proud she is to share her namesake with the likes of Gloria Steinem and bell hooks.


Emma Rehac
Youth Outreach

Emma is a junior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. She’s had a strong sense of civic engagement from a young age and has been an active volunteer and intern on many local campaigns. Emma has been a member of the Harlem Youth Court since 2017 and has also been teaching photography composition and Photoshop to elementary schoolers for the past five years. She is incredibly passionate about criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, and education. Emma is an avid photographer and total foodie who is addicted to Dutch black licorice.


Divya Sundaram
Founding Member

Divya is a recent graduate of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, where she studied urban and social policy. Before grad school, she studied at Barnard College, where the women's college environment pushed her to think more critically about issues through the lens of gender. Divya is a community organizer rethinking issues of race, civic engagement, and party politics. Outside of school, she has hustled on a few local campaigns in New York and is currently managing one. Divya has also researched and advocated for criminal justice reform, economic development, and the labor movement. She is a Hillary For America alum, avid kickboxer, and all-around straight shooter who is excited to change politics from “pale, male, and stale” to “fresh, fierce, and female.”

Marjorie Velazquez
Borough Director, Bronx

Marjorie is the daughter of Puerto Rican parents who moved here in the 1970’s to create a better life. Marjorie has dedicated her life to public service and to fiercely and tirelessly advocating for her community. Marjorie helped elect Ritchie Torres to the New York City Council and as his treasurer joined Bronx Community Board 10 where she serves as treasurer and executive board member.  Marjorie is Democratic District Leader and an executive board member of the Chippewa Democratic Club. Marjorie earned her degree in Finance and Accounting at the Stern School of Business at New York University. She lives in Throggs Neck with her husband, Jeff, and their three cats. When Marjorie isn’t busy serving the public, she enjoys Karaoke, Board Games and Excel Spreadsheets.


Annie Giman
Youth Outreach

Annie is an advanced math major at the High School for Math, Science, and Engineering. Annie has a variety of interests and hopes to pursue astrophysics, philosophy, or computer science in college. Outside of class, she enjoys participating in a variety of activities including working at the Museum of Math, helping on local campaigns, and debating. Annie is grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to socioeconomic and racial diversity in a school environment. However, she hopes to introduce an increase in gender diversity at her male-dominated STEM high school by organizing monthly events focused on women’s issues. Annie is an ardent superfan of the New York Yankees, and can often be found yelling at the TV during a game.


Lisa Hattori
Founding Member

Lisa is all about using data to inform decision making and echo the voices of communities, especially those that are underrepresented. She has spent the last four years monitoring and evaluating programs for non-profit organizations and foundations in India, Egypt, Uganda and the United States. The programs she assessed ranged from unconditional cash transfers in Bidibidi—the largest refugee camp in the world—to technical support of medical clinics providing contraceptives in Bangladesh and India. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Macaulay Honors College at Baruch College and a Master of Public Administration in Development Practice at Columbia SIPA. Outside of her advocacy work, Lisa’s usually eating or biking…to her next food destination.

Nuala O’Doherty
Borough Director, Queens

Nuala O'Doherty is a community organizer in Jackson Heights, Queens.  As a long time education advocate she has been fighting for great local public schools that work to serve all members of our community.  Nuala retired after an over 20-year career as a Manhattan Prosecutor with the goal to end the Queen Democratic political machine and bring small d democracy back to Queens.  Upon retiring, Nuala worked to elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez-kicking out Joe Crowley.  Next, she helped Jessica Ramos defeated the incumbent IDC member Jose Peralta. She also worked as the volunteer coordinator for Catalina Cruz, successfully campaign to be the first Dreamer to be sent to Albany.  After completing her retirement trifecta, helping to elect 3 young, powerful women to represent Queens. Next, Nuala wants to work to educate the Queens electorate by registering them and empowering them to build an independent slate of candidates to replace the old Queen Democratic machine.

Isabelle Jackson
Borough Director, Manhattan

Isabelle is passionate about disrupting unjust systems of power in NYC politics. She worked as a Patient Advocate with Health Leads at Harlem Hospital, which led her to joining Marti Speranza’s City Council campaign in 2017 as a Field Organizer. After witnessing the rampant racism, sexism and corporate funding fueling many local elections, Isabelle hopes to work with candidates whose campaigns center around conversations and the power of grassroots organizing. Isabelle is senior at Barnard College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science. She has also studied urban politics in Brazil, South Africa, India and Chile. She cares deeply about early childhood education and is fluent in Spanish. In her free time, she can be found at a museum and/or looking for empanadas in one of the five boroughs.


Camilla Liou
Founding Member

When she was in sixth grade, Camilla received her first issue of Ms. magazine and has been an advocate for women’s empowerment ever since. She has worked on voter registration drives in minority communities and volunteered on Marti Speranza’s campaign for City Council. Her background is in academia and finance, where she has seen firsthand the lack of women in leadership positions. Camilla has a bachelor’s degree from UCLA, a master’s degree from Princeton and a MBA from the University of Chicago. She likes to root for underdog sports teams, has a thing for learning languages and is always excited to try new foods. 


Stephanie Silkowski
Founding Member

A self-described policy wonk, Stephanie has always been interested in exploring the intersections of identity and politics. With a passion for gender equity and grassroots advocacy, she has worked in progressive city politics, philanthropy, non-profit programming, and local campaigns. Stephanie received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Providence College and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration from the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service at NYU. She also spent a year studying at the London School of Economics & Political Science—and falling in love with (pre-Brexit) British culture. Never one to miss a happy hour, Stephanie can most often be found eating and drinking her way through the city. She lives in Brooklyn with a crazy 3-year-old Labrador and a grumpy one-eyed cat.

Daniella Eras
Borough Director, Brooklyn

Daniella Eras has been committed to public service ever since she was an undergrad at Pace University and worked part-time for the NYC Commission on Human Rights. Daniella is passionate about health policy, women’s rights, budgets and public administration. She has held positions in local city council races, the New York City Council and the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget. Recently, she completed a fellowship with the South American Institute of Governance in Health where she helped create a budget structure for the organization. When she is not working - she likes to bike around, check out new restaurants, travel and fall in love with Brooklyn. Daniella holds a B.A. in Political Science and an MPA in Health Policy and Management from NYU Wagner.